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About us

About us

We practice ethical business values and focus on long-term business commitment through integrity. We believe that client relationships are turned into partnerships through trust, loyalty and results.

Uptownbpo was founded by insurance professionals for insurance professionals. You may think it’s a reference to the popular 80’s movie, but it’s more than that.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, navigating through a constantly evolving industry, our team possesses an understanding of what makes an agency successful.

Your dedicated Account Manager knows that no two agencies are the same. They’ll take a genuine interest in what you need as a small business owner and provide the necessary resources tailored to your agency.

Good partners. Good words. Your opinion is very important to us. Our team is striving to get better.

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What Our Clients Say?


"Truly exclusive leads; I never have to compete with other agents!"

Jacqueline Webb

"A lead Return Policy that finally makes sense!"

Peter Hicks

"Favorite lead company by far; I never feel like just another number!"

Roy Saunders

"15+ years as an agent - Finally, some solid quality leads!"

Joy Stellerstone

"The most consistent leads I've ever used. Their team provides outstanding support! If you want to grow, call uptownbpo!

Martin Hile